Black and White

Winter's Trees

Trees have a different look in winter.  Stripped of foliage their shape and structure becomes visible, less flowing, more architectural.  Standing in fields or by the side of roads and outlined by winter light they add a lot to our winter landscapes.  I can identify many trees by their leaves, but far fewer once those leaves are gone.  

A willow tree, standing in the snow with its fine branches flowing in the breeze.  Full of grace and beauty.

These two majestic trees sit in the middle of a farmer's field.  In the summer they are surrounded by growing crops, usually soybeans.  It's less efficient to harvest around them but the farmer has decided to allow them to stay.  It's a gift to the community and to all who travel past them.

Each tree is different.  Some grow straight and narrow, others - like the willow - retain their flowing look without their leaves.  Some can be found in clusters, others alone.  Winter is nearly over and soon these trees will take on their spring and summer finery.  But until then I find much to enjoy about their winter look.